Case Family Genealogy

Case Family History

The Case Family history begins with the likely ancestor Bartholomew Case (1670-1725) of Simsbury, CT.  The first confirmed ancestor is Horace Case (born 1785 in Simsbury, CT) whose son, Harvey Case, would marry Phebe Ann Letson (1834-1865, died age 31).  Harvey and Phebe's son Horace Case (1863-1913) would marry Hannah May Sutterby and be the parents of George Edward Case (1906-1972).

Hannah May Sutterby is a descendant of Daniel Whitehead (born in London Ontario, Canada and died 11/1823 in Buffalo, NY) and Julia Larkin (born in Akron, NY and died 1900 in Buffalo, NY).  They had a daughter Frances Angeline Whitehead (born 10/22/1869 in Akron, NY) who married John William Sutterby (born 3/13/1857 in Cambridge, England) and were the parents of Hannah May Sutterby (1887-1975).

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