Case Family Genealogy

Welcome to the Case Family Genealogy!

This genealogy is created for the convenience of the user.  The genealogy is presented in PDF form and can be downloaded onto your computer.  Please note that certain files are large and may take a few minutes to download.

You will find that because of the format, you will easily be able to perform name searches. Photos and hierarchy charts are included to assist the user in understanding the genealogy.

The genealogy is divided into several web pages to simplify the database.  These include the lineages of Barlow Family, Burch Family, Case Family, Enos - Champlin Families, Fisk (Fiske), Green (Greene), Stebbins, Wells, and Hawkes

This genealogy was researched by Lois A.Case and edited by Carl J. Case, Ph.D., 16 Sunburst Lane, Allegany, NY 14706.  You may contact Carl Case at

 We hope that you enjoy and find this genealogy interesting and useful!

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